giving donationGiving Opens the Door to Receiving

The number one element for attracting more Grace into your life is by giving.  Members of the LadyUp Network are asked to be conscious givers.

GIVE TO SUPPORT THIS NETWORK and GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE. Consider giving a donation of any amount to help us grow and reach more women, and, consider giving of your time, talents or financial support to a local charity in your area that specifically helps women in need.

LADYUP NETWORK GIVES BACK.  This year, with the small $11 per month fee we charge, we actually brought in $1,162 in membership fees, including donations from some of our amazing supporters.  50% of our proceeds go to support a non-profit organization that supports women. This year, December 2020, we donated $500 to HELPMATE provides help to victims of domestic violence which affects more women than men. During this pandemic, domestic violence is on the rise like crazy – AND Helpmate has the challenge of finding safe shelter for these women on the run, while keeping them healthy and keeping their staff healthy as well. Our hearts go out to this team, and we know this was the perfect place for the LadyUp Network to give back.

A Note from Wanda Marie…

We’re located in Asheville, North Carolina. The Steadfast House is transitional housing that gives hope, healing, health, and home to single women, mothers with children, and female veterans in need. When we relocated here from Los Angeles in 2011, Steadfast House for Women was the first place I found to volunteer. I offered the women free Personal Empowerment Training and Confidence Building Workshops. I took them nice clothing and suits so they could apply for jobs and get back on their feet.

I also volunteered on the Home Selection Committee for the Asheville Habitat for Humanity. Most of those who qualify and are selected for the program are single women with children.

I believe we should first give where we live to support the people around us and help build stronger, healthier communities. And then we should expand our reach on a national and/or global scale when we can. With that said, you may also consider giving at least a one-time donation of $20 to support the National Domestic Violence Hotline. We need people there answering the calls of victims 24/7. Your $20 gift will answer one call which could save a life.


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