Open Forums to Slay the Dragons

This is where the MAGIC HAPPENS!
A Lady must be empowered Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually and Physically.
We hold an open forum (personalized coaching) once a month where we get to slay our dragons!
Forums are personalized mini-coaching sessions. So bring your questions, thoughts and challenges around work, play, relationships, soul-searching,etc., and let's work it out.

Every 4th Tuesday 5:30pm - 6:30pm Pacific (8:30pm Eastern)



Survival > Sustainability > Success

No one ever succeeded alone. Who is part of your support system, who is your mentor, your coach, your cheerleader? Who is helping to guide your journey? Where are you going? Are you just surviving? Are you sustaining and doing okay? Are you succeeding at your own pace? Whether you're climbing the corporate ladder, changing jobs/careers, building or expanding a business, let us be your support system and cheerleaders. If you're on the move, those dragons are dancing in your head! Join an open forum to clear your mind and set your next level goals for Success. Members Click Here  for the Elevate Your Income Resources Page.



Clarity > Communication > Commitment 

Affairs of the heart can hold us back. They are the foundation of our lives, our happiness and ultimately, our success in life. Whether it's a troubled relationship with a mate, sibling, parent, child, co-worker or boss, it's imperative that you get bold and deal with it. You can't fly your magic carpet with all that crap piled on top! Lets get it cleaned up so you can shine your magnificence, ride the dragon and soar!!! Members Click Here for the Relationships Resources Page.



Awareness > Attitude > Action 

Pain (dis-comfort/dis-ease) typically gets its start from a Need. When we can determine how the situation is serving us, we can usually reframe it and find relief or a better system for managing the situation. You CAN heal your body, and you can heal from a broken heart. If you are willing, let the Truth be your sword and set you free. Let's do this!!! Members Click Here for the Heal Your Body Resources Page.