Home Study Course
$0.00 1 Sections 9 Lessons

This six-month self-paced program is based on the book, “LadyUp! A Woman's Guide to Self-Defined Grace & Fearless Love” On the weekly calls, we cover a different chapter each month and do a deep dive into the topic, providing a safe space for women to receive personal clarity, build confidence and find the courage needed to lead a bold, beautiful and grace-filled life!  

Finding Inner Peace
$25.00 1 Sections 2 Lessons

The key to your personal happiness and well-being is learning to become more centered, more balanced. When you show up differently in the world, the world begins to treat you differently. This course includes a workbook and guided inner peace process.

Health & Abundance Activation
$0 2 Sections 4 Lessons

This course includes a guided meditation and activation process for health, happiness and financial abundance.

Life Mastery & Goal Setting
$25.00 1 Sections 1 Lessons

We are always creating our experiences, either consciously or subconsciously. This course puts you in charge of creating the life you want to enjoy by setting goals and doing the internal work to allow it to happen for you. This is a great course to do anytime to reset your life. Awesome to kick off your birthday year or the new year.

5 Elements of Manifestation
$25.00 1 Sections 1 Lessons

Learn the 5 elements of creating the life you want. We are ALWAYS creating our experiences, consciously or subconsciously. It's time to start standing in your power and creating the world YOU want to live in. This is a recorded one-hour live training facilitated by Coach Wanda Marie.

Fine Tuning & Aligning the Chakras
$25.00 1 Sections 1 Lessons

There are 7 major energy centers in the body. When the energy is flowing slowly or blocked, it can cause you to feel tired or even become ill. This is a course on how to cleanse and align those 7 major centers. This not only improves your health, but also helps you to become more clear and focused for creating your life's experiences and reaching your goals.

Meet Your Spirit Guides
$25.00 1 Sections 2 Lessons

There is a higher power available to you. Call it guardian angels, master teachers, ancestors, God, Higher Consciousness, whatever - we also call it Spirit Guides. It's time to meet them!