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Personal Transformation Training

The LadyUp Network is founded on the principles outlined in Wanda Marie's book, “LadyUp! A Woman’s Guide to Self-Defined Grace & Fearless Love.” The book covers major areas of a woman's life, everything from getting organized, body image, relationships, turning passion into profit and so much more... 

There are only two things that stop us from being happy and living our dreams, and it's either an outdated belief or a fear-based emotion. Personal transformation takes work to shift old beliefs that no longer serve us, and to heal from past emotions that have been held in place to keep us safe. Stepping outside of your comfort zone takes courage. The LadyUp Network is designed to help women find the clarity, courage and confidence to transform their lives and start living their dreams.


To get started, you can take the self-paced free home study program, or join the live community for $11/mo and attend the coaching calls held the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays. Members also have access the past recordings.

There Are 18 Training Modules

1-Keep Calm & LadyUp! 

  • 1.  Own Your Time

  • 2.  Organize Your Life

  • 3.  Create Your World

2-Braving Your Passion

  • 4.  Reveal Your Truth

  • 5.  Release the Stories

  • 6.  Turn Passion to Profits

3-Allowing Grace

  • 7.  Awareness: Beyond Thought

  • 8.  Connection: Universal Intelligence

  • 9.  Trust: Intuitive Knowing

4-Embracing Your Body

  • 10. Eyes Wide Open

  • 11. Acknowledge Imperfect Perfection

  • 12. Be Willing to Be Seen

5-Mystical Manifestation

  • 13. Shift from Goddess to Queen

  • 14. Use Your Magic Wand

  • 15. Be the Power you Possess   

6-Healthy Relationships

  • 16. Love without Reason

  • 17. Don’t Slay the Dragon 

  • 18. Become a Master Receiver

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