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Personal Transformation Training

Group Coaching Calls are held on Tuesdays at 5:30pm Pacific Time via Zoom

Transform Your Life!

A Training Program that Blends the Practical with the Spiritual to Help Women:

  • LadyUp and command your world with more grace and ease;

  • Gain more clarity and confidence for self-expression, and following your passion;

  • Connect with Universal Intelligence through intuitive knowing, for making better life decisions;

  • Experience more physical freedom by fully embracing and accepting your body;

  • Understand the laws of Mystical Manifestation to create an abundant life filled with joy and prosperity to share with others; and

  • Start healing the past and fostering happier, healthier relationships with everyone around you

Decide Today to Start Transforming Your Life.

Weekly Calls on Tuesdays via Zoom at 5:30pm Pacific (7:30pm CT; 8:30pm ET)

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