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We keep our membership fees to $11 per month so it's affordable for most women. However, there are times when even $11 is too much to spare. We look to our supporters, those who have been blessed financially to lend a hand. We are not a non-profit, and we are not a for-profit organization, we are a network of women helping women. A donation in any amount helps us to keep the Network going. If you have been blessed, please consider helping us to continue blessing others.

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Andrea Ragland

Loyal LadyUp Supporter

Doris Johnson

Linda Brandt

Loyal LadyUp Supporter

Tasha Hunter

Loyal LadyUp Member

Carol Rasheed

Jennifer Lanning

Loyal LadyUp Member & Mentor

Paula Young

Loyal LadyUp Member

Yvonne Mock-Robertson

Deborah Kagan

Kim Cantor Iamurri

Rebecca Le Vine

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