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Become a LadyUpMentor
Women Laughing on Beach
Meet New Friends
Join the Leadership Team
And Give Back by
Helping Other Women
Find Their Way

Women who complete the LadyUp Training Program are encouraged to give back by mentoring other women along the path. To apply simply submit the application below.

Those chosen as Mentors undergo a brief orientation on best practices and procedures for mentoring other women. After acceptance into the program, you are free to join us in hosting the live LadyUp Calls as well as utilizing the materials to start your own study groups, workshops, webinars, etc., whatever inspires you to help other women on the path. 

Mentoring other women is extremely rewarding as you receive the same blessings as those you are mentoring. It’s an awesome gift that you give to yourself. Mentors receive a license to share the training materials freely. However, you may also charge a fee for your time. Should you decide to charge for your LadyUp events, we ask that you tithe back 10% of the proceeds to continue helping the Network grow.

The Requirements
  1. Complete the six-month empowerment training (coaching calls). It is important for you to not only attend 80% of the weekly calls, but you must actively participate in the calls, demonstrating your growth and understanding of the material.

  2. After your six month training, you may submit the application below to become a Mentor. You will be given a short written exam. Once you pass the exam, you will be scheduled to attend an interview/orientation with Wanda Marie.

  3. Pay your membership fees to remain an active member of the network.

  4. Attend the monthly Coffee Meetings (online) with Wanda Marie for your own continued growth and support, as well as guidance for mentoring others. Coffee Meetings are typically held the 1st Tuesday of each month at 10:30am EST. 

  5. Host one topic (3 coaching calls) a year for the Network.  This is optional. Mentors who facilitate all 6 chapters may apply for the Legacy Lifestyles Life Coach Certification. We do this because as you help others, you are also improving and sharpening your own coaching skills!

The Benefits

Mentors Work Directly with Wanda Marie and receive:

  1. Mentor's Exclusive Coffee Meetings for personal and business growth 

  2. Active Mentors receive a personal/private coaching session each month

  3. Personal check-in calls as needed

  4. Unlimited email support as needed

  5. Free access to most of the online courses for self-help and helping others



  • The joy of sharing your wisdom by mentoring other women

  • Opportunity to truly embody the teachings by hosting the calls

  • Freely utilize the LadyUp materials to create additional steams of income for yourself

  • Opportunity to apply for Life Coach Certification through Legacy Lifestyles LLC

  • NOTE: Just because you receive your Mentor’s license does not obligate you to use it. You must be inspired to do so and then everyone benefits.

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