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Personal Assessment

Personal Transformation -  it's not a Luxury, It's a Necessity!

Click on the booklet to download and complete your Personal Assessment. When you have your results, come back to this page and dive into all the tools below to help you get on the path and start building bridges to an amazing life. Everyone has a different starting point, however, we all learn from each other's journey. So join us for the live Tuesday night coaching calls on specific topics and be open to receive, willing to share and ready for some light-hearted humor. 

Grab your free one month guess pass

I'm Ready for Change!

FIRST: Join our Tuesday night coaching calls. We offer a 3-week series on each topic twice a year. Each segment is independent of the others, so jump in anytime. It may not be the topic to think you need to work on, but it's always informative and powerful to be in community.


OPTIONAL: once you've completed your Personal Assessment and know what you'd like to improve or transform, you can open the Home Study Course, download the study guide in the intro section, then go through the video lessons that correspond with your area of focus. You do not need to go in any particular order:


SECOND: access the additional free resources for Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness.


THIRD: access our library of courses on demand and find the ones that are right for you. Most of the courses are reasonably priced at $22, and many are included free depending on your level of membership.

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