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Women Empowering Women!
Who We Are

We are not a “non-profit” organization, and, we are not a “for profit” organization. We’re a network of women helping women based on the tools and principles shared in the LadyUp Personal Transformation Training Program. The Program and weekly circle calls are free to members. Friends/Sponsors offer financial contributions which allows us to keep the cost low enough for all women to participate. If you are blessed and in a position, please consider offering a donation of any amount to help us continue growing and reaching more women. Get to know our Founder.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women to lead amazing lives. We're here to help shift the way women perceive themselves struggling to survive in a man's world, to growing and prospering with grace and ease by learning to create and command their own world. We do this through affordable online personal training and coaching programs.

Why LadyUp!

LadyUp means to stand as a Woman of Power who commands her world with the Grace of a Lady. There is a reason we use the term “lady-up” rather than “woman-up.”

“LADY” is the one word that does not contain the male influence. The word “Lady” has a very feminine quality all unto itself. The word “wo-man” has a more masculine quality. A woman usually works hard, using masculine energy to get things done, and often receives very little in return for her efforts. We want you to remember that within you are the qualities of the innocent Princess, the playful and seductive Goddess as well as the clear and focused Queen. We want you to get very clear about who you are as a LADY, remembering your hopes and desires, your dreams, and what you are to accomplish in this life. We want you to be clear and feel safe and confident in your body. We want you to have the courage to be free enough to build happy, healthy relationships. To do this, we want you to LadyUp! not WomanUp!

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