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Retreat to Begin Again...

Spend 2 Days With Wanda Marie for a 1:1 Personal Transformation Experience!

Five Retreats To Choose From or Create Your Own!
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Spiritual Awakening

You will begin to heal your life and move forward with a new found sense of what God is for you, honoring your spiritual nature and life itself. This is a perfect setting for asking all your questions, awakening the divinity within you and finding greater inner peace. You can also use this Retreat to learn and/or develop the art of stillness, silence and meditation.

Leadership Presentation

Personal Development

Four powerful transformational workshops over a 2-day period, catering to your specific needs. Take home more self-confidence, emotional balance and personal power. You can also use this Retreat for getting clear on your direction in life and setting new goals for yourself and your future. A great birthday gift to give to yourself or someone you love.

Store Owner Using Laptop

Business Development

For those ready to embark upon a new business venture or redesign an existing venture. Take the time to get away from it all and clear you mind. Engage in four dynamic sessions over a two day period including visioning processes for getting clear about your mission/ purpose, who your clients/customers will be, what services/products you will to offer, how to package, market and brand your business. This special time is invaluable for finding the clarity needed for greater success.

Hide and Seek

Healing the Feminine

For women in pain. Bring your discontentment, your worries and your wounds to this sacred place for nurturing, insight and receiving the guidance your deserve. Watch the pain dissolve as you work through it all with grace and tenderness. The perfect Retreat for women reinventing themselves, going through a relationship breakup, or suffering from any type of loss, emotional pain or abuse .

In Love Couple

Couples Connection

Enjoy up to eight hours of healing, revealing, enlightening and deep conversations, exercises and processes to enhance the quality of your life and your relationship. Come solo, or come as a couple for the same price. Same sex couples also welcomed. Bring your list of love challenges, concerns, desires and begin to heal the wounds of your past, and reach new heights of unconditional love, compassion and understanding. Great for couples on the edge, even better for couples madly in love to go deeper! A beautiful valentines or anniversary get-a-way.

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Welcome Home

Asheville, NC

Retreat activities are held in the sacred space of Wanda Marie's home, located in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains, in Arden, just south of Asheville, North Carolina. If traveling from out-of-town, you're invited to stay in the guest room at no extra charge during the retreat. If you plan to arrive before the retreat or stay beyond the retreat, there are a variety of affordable Airbnbs as well as hotels nearby to choose from. If this is your first time visiting aSHEville, you’re in for a treat! Wanda Marie's home is just 15-minutes from downtown and all things Asheville! You may want to come a day or two early or stay a few days later to enjoy this amazing and magical mountain community.

A Return to Self
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Sit and Watch the Rainfall


Our Healing Space

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The Guest Room


Breathe in  the Sunshine

The Details

Your Personal Retreat is $2400. Diamond Members receive 30% off and Mentors receive 50% off. Your retreat includes up to 8 hours of powerful one-on-one work with Coach Wanda Marie, in four workshops blending the practical and the spiritual. You'll receive clarity, guidance and direction for taking your life/work to the next level. The transformation continues to unfold, reshaping your life far beyond the hours spent together. You will be transformed, and your world will begin to reflect the changes within you rather rapidly - yet gracefully. IT'S TIME TO BEGIN AGAIN... Invite a girlfriend or significant other to share the costs and the experience with you! A 10%  non-refundable deposit is due upon booking.

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Wanda Marie helped me to focus, to make realistic goals and calendar myself so I can watch my life moving forward.  She helped me put myself into a stronger active mode and "out of the blue" a terrific new business opportunity, with great financial benefits, came my way, a terrific directing job came out of "nowhere," I booked more voice over work than I had in months. Wanda is magical, I am so grateful and honored to know her. I am humbled by her love and passion to be of great service to all.  Come, join me, in allowing Wanda Marie to grace and bless your life as well.  

Take wings and fly!  Iona Morris, Actress, Writer, Director

Wanda is Magical
Come Home to the Mountains of Asheville, NC
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