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Looking to achieve a specific goal? Check Out the VIP Coaching Program

What Women Are Saying...
Doris Johnson

I Am so eternally grateful for the LadyUp Network! It showed up for me at a time in my life where I was feeling stuck, depressed, and overwhelmed. The Ladies in the LadyUp Network reminded me of the infinite possibilities in my life, showed me my power and how to harness it and use it for my own good and the good of the world. Changing my thought patterns and learning how to command my world has truly changed my life. I now remember to love myself first. This allows me to love others - everyone - with vigor, liveliness, authenticity and an open heart. Thank you, Wanda Marie and the LadyUp Network, for showing me where to find my Light and helping me to turn it back on! 

Tiffaney Patterson
Being a part of the Lady Up Network has given me the courage to examine who I am versus who I feel I'm supposed to be.  It’s a safe space where you can speak your truth, let down your guard & begin to heal or examine old habitual thought patterns that keep you from ruling your world as Queen! The wisdom in the group is phenomenal, there is never any judgment and on my very first call I felt authentic love from a group of women ready to lift each other up! If you are ready to change your life, this is where you'll find the blueprint. 
Rebecca L.JPG
Rebecca Le Vine
I want to take a moment to tell everyone how much I’ve enjoyed participating in the LadyUp Network. It’s been fabulous, I have so enjoyed the information. I get tools and information that I can turn around and use the very next day, which I have done! I highly recommend for anyone looking for that support and encouragement that they take this journey with all the other ladies in the network.
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