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Are You An Empowered Woman?

All empowered women are women of power, but not all women of power are empowered women.

Empowered Women are motivated by vision and live by inner guidance with a great deal of self love and respect. Women of Power are usually motivated by needs (theirs or others) and are driven primarily by accomplishment.

In the everyday sense of the word, Power is something that you "get" from somewhere, something or someone outside of yourself. To em-power means to "generate" the power from within. Women of power are frequently tired as the process of "gathering" power takes a lot of concentrated energy. Empowered women usually have a peaceful presence with a sense of gracefulness as the process of "generating" inner power is done through meditation or some other way of creating a deep connection with one’s soul. When women are soul connected, life has its own flow and they live life at cause rather than at its effects, therefore, there is nothing to get only something to be; these are truly empowered women with the power to be whatever their soul is calling forth, with grace and with ease.

How do you know an empowered woman when you see one? She is centered, clear, focused and confident, and mysterious to most men because there is nothing more amazing and beautiful than a woman, standing gracefully in the center of her power, unmovable, and without efforting, causes the movement of all things around her.

Symptoms of Being Disempowered: Fatigue, depression, lack of passion, feelings of hopelessness/helpless.

Becoming Empowered: Some of the things women have to do in order to become more empowered are:

1. Inventory Your Life: Make a list of things you are doing that is draining you. For each item listed, journal about it, asking yourself these questions:

(a) What do I get (what benefits) from having this drain/deplete my energy? (Everything serves us or we would not be doing it, it's that simple. List all the benefits you are getting from it.)

(b) Do I still need these benefits in my life? If so, am I willing to rearrange my life so that these same benefits are received through a different output on my part?

(c) Does this have to be done by me? If so, how can it be done differently (get creative, think outside the box!)?

(d) List ways each item can be done differently so as to bring more peace and harmony into your life.

2. List What You Love: Make a list of things you use to love doing that you don't seem to find the time to do anymore. Think back to when you were in school if necessary.

3. Exchange Effort for Love: Find ways to replace those things that are draining you with those things that you love, those things that nurture you.

4. Start Listening: Get on a meditation program and starting spending time in silence each day, listening to the still small voice within that guides and directs you. Allow the vision of your life to start to unfold.

5. Honoring Yourself First. Life is simple when it is broken down into yes and no. When you say "yes" to someone be clear on what/who you are in turn saying "no" to; and when you are saying "no" to someone/something be clear on what you are ultimately saying "yes" to as a result.

6. Say YES to Life: Empowered women are not afraid to say YES to that which nurtures and supports them. They stand boldly in their conviction that life is for them and not against them, and that life WANTS to give to them, so they say Yes to receiving all the good life has to offer. They trust the process of life completely, even in the midst of chaos.

An Empowered Woman is a Goddess-Queen, a LADY. She's an Extraordinary woman with self-defined grace and fearless love.

Are you an Empowered Woman?


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