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Hello Beautiful!

Welcome to the LadyUp Network where we are dedicated to empowering and connecting women across various industries and walks of life. Through spiritually inspired content and resources, we foster a supportive community where women can thrive personally and professionally. From business/career and relationship guidance to wellness tips, the Network offers a comprehensive range of topics tailored to the modern woman's needs, facilitating growth, collaboration, and empowerment for leading an Amazing Life!


Every day is a new beginning. Let's begin again together! Life gets easier when you belong to a sisterhood that supports your growth and champions your progress.

You can strive for living your best life, or you can create an Amazing Life. Wanda Marie is the author of "LadyUp: A Woman's Guide to Self-Defined Grace and Fearless Love," the foundation for our basic training program designed to help women create amazing lives through intuitive guidance and taking inspired actions. 


So many ways to get started! Get the book and grow at your own pace; take our free home-study course with video guidance; or jump right in and join the live community and attend the weekly coaching calls.  Your first month is FREE, then just $11 a month to support the community.  Scholarships are also available for women in need.  

I Love This Community!

What's amazing about this sisterhood is the love and support shared among women from various cultures and backgrounds. The diversity is part of our strength. I'm always surprised by the ladies who start out shy and quiet, blooming after only a few weeks. We share our deepest thoughts and grow individually and as a community. Women who complete the 6-month transformation program are encouraged to become mentors and pave the path for other women. This is a dynamic and powerful group of women learning to live amazing lives with more grace and ease. I hope you will join us. 
~ Wanda Marie

Join the Weekly Calls!
Members and registered guests are invited to Join the live coaching calls lead by our amazing Mentors.

TUESDAY CALLS: Join the group coaching calls on Tuesdays. These are open-hearted group discussions on the topic of the month. Each coaching call brings forth more clarity, wisdom, and personal insight for moving forward and creating an AMAZING Life. We usually take off whenever there is a 5th Tuesday. This is the time for members to rest and reflect or play catch up. 

Video Call with Sign Language

TIME & PLACE: Our members stretch from East Coast to West Coast, so to accommodate most, the Tuesday calls are held at 5:30pm Pacific (7:30 CT, 8:30pm ET). Zoom room access is shared in advance with all members and registered guests via email and text reminder. ​

Want the teachings, but can't attend the Tuesday calls? No worries, you have options. You can take the free home-study program and work at your own pace, or become a paid member, supporting the community for just $11 a month, and gain access to the live recordings from each Tuesday call, as well as free courses on demand to help support your growth.

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