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June 2023 Goddess Gathering
Release * Receive * Embody!

The June 2023 Goddess Gathering was held at the home of Wanda Marie in Arden, North Carolina. The event was held on the the full moon. A full moon meditation was done followed by the Goddesses creating their Declaration of Transformation, consciously creating what they desired for the future. 

One of the Goddesses brought a 10 foot gong to enhance the meditation, and we ended with live music from a Master Djembe Drummer helping us dance our desires and anchoring the process through or bodies. 

Just a Few Photos
Mentor's Appreciation Dinner Party
Night Before the Gathering
Goddess Dinner2.jpg
The Goddess Gathering
Dancing Their Declarations
Goddess Gathering Recap

Filled with joy as I awaken steeped in gratitude, inspired by a gathering of 14 Goddesses reflecting a full moon last evening. I recall:


A table filled with gift bags to claim, name and decorate, containing a book, journal, hand embroidered note card (by Queen Claudia) and hand-crafted affirmation chocolates (by Queen Jennifer).


Another table of tasty treats: cake, home-made cookies, a variety of cheeses, crackers and nuts, Jennifer’s teriyaki meatballs, Greek salad, flat bread and Wanda’s freshly brewed hibiscus tea.


The backyard patio becomes the gathering place for a fabulous group of powerful Queens and Moon Goddesses introducing themselves to each other as everyday women.


Mentors are recognized for their loyalty and contribution to the Network. A Mentor’s Appreciation Dinner precedes the day’s event. Certificates of Achievement are given.


Moon stones that have bathed in the light of the moon for the past two nights are passed out. The full moon meditation begins guiding the Goddesses deeper into themselves, discovering what needs to be released and putting it in writing on pieces of paper to burn later. A 10 foot gong is gently played in the background by Queen Cynthia, taking the group into even deeper spaces within themselves (pure bliss). The process ends with the Goddess declaring what they would like to replace the old energy with. They create in their journal and commit to memory their Declaration of Transformation.


As the evening unfolds, the skies give way to a perfect storm. Upon the open patio the rain drops become larger and larger as the Goddesses seek shelter inside, making their way into a large 1100sf unfinished attic, bringing energy into a space that has had no purpose until now. The party must go on.


All the Goddess have written what they want to release on small pieces of paper, balled them up and tossed them into the burn bowl. The Goddesses form a circle and state their Declaration of Transformation with conviction for all to witness.


The only male presence allowed is Master Drummer (Ron on Djembe). The drumbeat begins softly and gradually fills the room with rhythm. The Goddesses begin to move about the circle and dance, allowing the drumbeat to carry them, as they chant silently to themselves their Declaration of Transformation, anchoring this vibration throughout their entire bodies.


The beauty of the Goddesses dancing is enchanting and magical. As they dance, the bowl of papers are lit on fire, the smoke is offered to the full moon to release the Goddesses of their past burdens, creating the space within each of them for something new and amazing. The drumbeat begins to slow down again, bringing the energy to a pause.


Standing in circle, the evening culminates with each Goddess honoring another Goddess by sharing something about them they have observed during the gathering or in the past. Names were pulled upon arrival so each Goddess knew who they were to observe. The love in the room intensified as observations were shared. There was laughter, tears and lots of hugs. Everyone left with an open heart and a rose.


Filled with joy I was awakened, steeped in gratitude, inspired by a gathering of 14 Goddesses reflecting a full moon last evening. Today, I stand in awe of those amazing and powerful Goddess Queens. My life has been forever changed by your love, your presence and your wisdom. Thank you. Ashe.


Wanda Marie

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