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June 2022 Goddess Gathering
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The June 2022 Goddess Gathering was held at the home of Wanda Marie in Arden, North Carolina. The event followed her signature transformational style of CLARITY, FOCUS, ACTION and INTEGRATION. 

The Ladies were received by a red fabric carpet sprinkled with flower petals. A sign outside the door read, "Entering Your Next Best Self" the theme of the evening. Upon entering, the Ladies received gift bags of various trinkets, including a journal and pen.

Just a Few Photos
Goddess Gathering Recap

Each of the Ladies brought a dish to share which resulting in a delicious feast that kicked off the social hour. This was the first time for many of the Ladies to meet in person after spending so many hours on Zoom together. There were a total of 12 Ladies, 13 including Wanda Marie. There were the North Carolina local ladies joined by Ladies who came from Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio and South Carolina. 

During dinner, the social hour, the Ladies had an opportunity to practice being a Master Receiver. Names were drawn at random and small gifts where given out. The Ladies receiving could only say "thank you" with their eyes.  Not so easy, yet lots of fun and laughter filled the room.

After the social hour, it was time for the transformation to begin.  

CLARITY was about the Ladies getting clear on who they are as their Next Best Self and receiving guidance. Wanda Marie conducted a channeling session to answer questions to help provide some clarity for the Ladies.

FOCUS was a journaling process. The Ladies were given private time after the Clarity session to write about who they are as their Next Best Self. They were given index cards and asked to write out an introduction that someone else would read, introducing them to the group as their Next Best Self.

ACTION was having the Ladies stand before the group and listen to someone introducing them to the group. Then saying to the group, "I AM _______." Following the applaud, she was presented with a beautiful magnet bracelet and told it was to remind her that she is attracting to her everything she needs for total success. Ron, Wanda Marie's husband, joined the ladies for this part of the event, and after a Lady would receive her bracelet, Ron would also hand her a red rose as a symbol, acknowledging her grace and beauty.

INTEGRATION was about stepping into your "Next Best Self." To be fully integration on a cellular level called for moving the body! Ron brought out his djembe African drum and created the beat that had the Ladies moving and grooving, fully getting into the vibe of their Next Best Self.

The evening ended with Wanda Marie acknowledging those Mentors who were present for upholding the LadyUp Network and being her rock over the past 3 years. The evening was complete with many receiving new insight, awareness and direction for honoring and stepping into their Next Best Self.

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