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Navigating the Male/Female Relationship

As women become more and more empowered, able to do almost anything and everything for themselves, men are asking, "where do I fit in?"

A man's role used to be protector and provider. Our DNA hasn't changed for more than 10,000 years so guess what? The roles have not changed. Women are wired to multi-task and be the gatherer, the nurturer and healer. Men are still wired to be single-focused, to be the hunter, protector and provider.

In the old days, when a man fell in love, it was almost a given that he could make her his bride. Why, because if she as not already spoken for, she needed a man to protect her and provide for her.

The times have changed. Now, if a man falls in love with a woman, he has to navigate different waters to make her his bride. He has to prove himself worthy of her love, beyond his ability to just provide. Empowered women can provide for themselves.

So now, he's in love with her, and he has managed to win her affection. So, she's in love too and wants to take the relationship to the next level. But now he has commitment issues. After all, he's wired to "hunt" not to be captured. How does he settle down without feeling like he's been trapped or captured? How does he manage being with an empowered woman who speaks her voice and commands her world. And, it can be worse if she makes more money than he does. He may be proud on the outside yet fearful on the inside. He's thinking, "am I enough, because I don't feel needed."

The LadyUp Network is here to bring about balance to the male and female energies. This has nothing to do with gender, and everything to do with energy. Each person possess both male and female energy, it's only a matter of which energy is more dominate, and more powerful in assisting the soul in fulfilling it's calling and life's purpose.

Men today, are trying to figure out the modern-day woman of power, how to approach them, and how to be with them. We here at the LadyUp Network are training women to become Ladies whereby we create the space for a man to be a man. We're opening our hearts and learning to be powerful women with the grace of a lady. This invites the return of chivalry. This invites men to open doors for us and be the protector and provider.

This does not mean women are unable to do for themselves, it only means women are desiring to be Ladies, and allowing men to do for them what men are wired to do. Women are natural nurturers and healers, and the more a man does for her, the more he will automatically receive in return.

The goal here, once again, is BALANCE between the male and female energies.

The Men's Group is a private space for men, to gather, explore ideas and grow in terms of learning to be with a real Lady, thereby reclaiming their roots as real men.


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