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I Need To Be Cherished!

The desire to be cherished is a female quality. What does it mean to be truly cherished by someone? I was working with a client on the Coaching NeedLess Program and one of her needs was to be cherished. Now, her conflict is that you can’t make someone cherish you, so it felt foolish to her to have that need. Yet, the need was there, and it was real.

You will never hear a man say that he needs to be cherished. Women have an innate need to feel cherished, even though most won’t admit it. The reason we don’t admit it is because it seems silly. However, it only seems silly to those who may not feel they are worthy of being cherished, they don’t feel special.

Because feeling cherished is a need that’s in our blood, if we ignore it, and don’t get that need met, we will often take out our anxiety on others, those we love. We'll find a reason to start blaming them for something, anything. I tell women that being cherished is just a higher form of respect. Once you learn that you are worthy of having another’s respect, then you can begin to allow yourself to be cherished.

Being cherished means those around you not only respect your boundaries, but they protect your boundaries. They not only adore you, but want to please you. they not only accept you, they truly love you. That’s what it means to be truly cherished.

No, you can’t make someone cherish you, but you can learn to love, nurture and cherish yourself in such a way that it teaches others how you need to be treated as a woman, a Lady. We are always teaching people how to treat us. Step up your game.

Do the work on cherishing yourself and watch how the universe will begin to shift the energy of the circle within which you move. Life is grand – enjoy it.


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